DC Site Guidelines for Stallholders

Driving on site

  • The speed limit whist driving on site is 5mph. All vehicles must adhere to this at all times.
  • Traffic control is managed by Dulwich College, unless specific arrangements are put in place for an event.
  • It may be necessary at times of high occupancy to marshal vehicles through the site.
  • Vehicles must be left in designated bays.

Fire/Emergency Evacuation

  • All contractors / stall holders / event organisers must be made aware of the site evacuation procedure.
  • All fire doors and escape routes must be kept clear at all times unless authorisation to the contrary has been specifically given by Dulwich College. Any items blocking these routes may be removed.
  • Fire signage, extinguishers and other equipment must not be moved or tampered with
  • If the emergency alarm is sounded all building occupants are to evacuate to the relevant assembly point. For example:
    • For the Barry Buildings & Old Library this is by the main playing fields
    • For the Christison Hall this is on the Pat Ball court playground
    • For the Laboratory this is adjacent to the Comm
  • Dulwich College staff assume leadership in emergency situations, unless specific arrangements are put in place for an event.

Building use

  • All emergency exits must be kept clear and accessible at all times.
  • Stalls / event equipment must not block / restrict access routes.
  • Cables must be secured/covered to prevent causing trip hazards.
  • Accessibility requirements must be made known to Dulwich College prior to the event.

Rubbish & Recycling

  • Dulwich College provide recycling bins around the site and encourage the segregation of recycling from waste materials.

After the event

  • All buildings and equipment must be returned to how they were before the event unless arrangements have been made with Dulwich College to carry out this task.